Looking Back at 2018

My 2018 was less uneventful compared to 2017. Looking back at my 2018 Blueprint, which I will discuss later, I can say that I did not meet my goals this year. Sad =(

However, despite not being able to reach my targets, I can say that I started the year 2018 with a BANG and will probably end it pretty chill, which is somehow good If you’d ask me. No frills.

Again, as my annual tradition, here’s a quick review of my 2018.


JOURNEY TO THE MIDDLE EARTH. Never thought I’d be able to see Bilbo Baggin’s humble abode nor go on a road trip with my friends in Auckland and Queenstown. But hey, we welcomed 2018 by visiting New Zealand!

Queenstown was so beautiful and I loved the feeling of somehow being close to the stars because of our very surreal experience in Lake Tekapo. Probably one of the highlights of our trip.

If I have the money, I’d go back to New Zealand in a heartbeat! <3



TAIWAN WITH THE PARENTALS. First time to travel outside the country with my parents and it just felt so good. The trip was my Christmas gift to both of them. By the way, It was Papa’s first time abroad so as you can see, the said trip was a pretty big deal. Hopefully we can do it next time with my other sibs, nephews and niece. =)


RELAXED TOURS.  As I get older, I crave for more relaxing travels. I have practiced the art of doing nothing in most of my recent travels, and our Lakawon and Subic trips are perfect examples. In Lakawon, we literally did nothing everyday but lounge in hammocks, day beds or bean bags while sipping Margarita. In Subic, lie again in a hammock or day bed while watching Netflix. What lazy asses we have. Hahaha. More trips like these please!



SECOND TATTOO. Okay, so having my second tattoo was actually too soon. In fact, it was really not my plan to have another tat after a year (had my first tat from Apo Whang Od last April 2017). But because I’m so maarte and I feel the need to cover a small keloid on my back, I got one from 55 Tinta Pilipinas. I also consider it as a birthday gift to myself. Hahaha! I love the design, of course I chose it! <3 <3 <3


GREAT VIEW EVERY NIGHT. I love ending the day with this view. And this view only means one thing…that it’s already the campaign season. The coming months would be more stressful than ever but knowing that I have this view for the next five months is already one stress reliever for me. Broke my budget but I know it’s worth it considering I’m just three buildings away from the office. ^_^


Let’s now review my 2018 Blueprint and see how I did not accomplish anything!

  • I will finish my PAGIBIG housing loan. – I could if I wanted to but I will decide on this after May 2019.
  • I will SAVE! – Since we started renting a condo in Ortigas last June and it’s actually not affordable…well no need to explain!
  • I will finish all my travel writing backlogs. – I’M SORRY! I really tried. Huhuhu. But hey, at least I wrote two articles. =/
  • I will be a good girl and a lot nicer so I’ll receive a gift from Santa. Hahaha! – I’d like to believe I’ve been a good girl. No really, I am! =D  So yeah, this was the only thing that I accomplished! Hahaha. So there you go, that’s 1 out of 4. Thank you! Where’s the gift?



My 2019 Blueprint is actually dependent on how things would go for the next five months, but since I need to have a blueprint as a guide or a sort of barometer, here you go.

  • Definitely finish my PAGIBIG housing loan.
  • New Car or condo (condo is for business purposes).
  • Save (considering goal number 2, I’m not sure if I can even do this, let’s see).
  • Fix the cabinets/closets in my house.
  • Finish travel articles (will forever aim for this).





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